Katie and Brent
Oct. 2, 2004
Angie and Eugene
Sept. 25, 2004
Ivy and Scott
March 13, 2005
Lauren and David
May 21, 2006
Dear Lynn:
How can we ever begin to thank you for being part of “Our Special Day.”  From the moment we met at Starbucks in Manhattan we knew New York City and Lynn Bourbeau would always be part of our hearts.  It was truly a fairy tale wedding.  You were a huge part of making it so wonderful.  During the planning stage, you really helped guide us to make the ceremony truly ours.  You also made the ceremony run smoothly.  You’re interaction with our guests made everyone feel at ease and part of the ceremony.  You truly helped make it all perfect.  All we can say is thank you for all you did.  It would not have been the same with anyone else presiding.  Thank you for bringing a personal touch and a new friendship into our lives.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Katy and Brent
Lynn, thank you for a wonderful ceremony.
I heard from so many people that this was one of the most touching and meaningful ceremonies they had ever witnessed.  The length was just right; it was intimate and very adult because Eugene and I could speak to each other in our own words.
The poem was also very warmly received and your delivery was flawless.
We’re off to Europe and wanted to thank you before we left.
Best wishes and love
Angie and Eugene
Dear Rev. Lynn,
First and foremost we would like tot say “Thank You” for the wonderful wedding service that you wrote for us.  You did an excellent job of finding the right words to convey the emotions we were feeling but were having a hard time expressing ourselves.  Your ability to read between the lines during our conversations came forward when we first received the vows that you had written for us and we realized that you had hit the nail on the head.  Our words were perfect and you deserve the praise for that.  You took thoughts, comments, and emotions, and from those things created the most beautiful vows two people could ever hope for.
As grateful as we are for the service you provided on our special day, it was the multitude of things that you did that fell outside of your job description that really let us know how lucky we were to have chosen you to be a part of our day. You moved furniture, answered phones, played hostess to our guests, helped us get dressed as well as several other things we could mention.  You selflessly gave of yourself and let us know that the day was about us and that you would do whatever you could to make sure that is was special.  We knew you would provide an excellent ceremony, however it was the strength of your character that truly touched us.
So again we say thank you and we want you to know that we are better people having met you.  Any couple would be blessed to have you officiate their wedding.
Love Always,
Scott and Ivy
Dear Rev. Lynn:
David and I would like to offer our most sincere thanks to you for making our wedding such a lovely, and in fact perfect occasion.
Once we met you, we began thinking differently about our wedding.  Having both been married before, we wanted to do it right this time, and to take some time to really think about what our wedding should be.  You were completely accommodating and gave us your commitment to work with us while also offering us the time and space to think through our ceremony.
You guided us and helped us organize our thoughts.  With your inspiration and only one week to spare, we wrote meaningful words to each other, passionately and with no reservations.  You immediately recognized the intense, personal nature of our vows and suggested we read them to each other instead of having you read them, to which we wholeheartedly agreed.  You also asked us to address David’s three children, which we hadn’t thought of and found to be immensely important to them and for the joining of our families.  Again, your flexibility, wisdom and experience allowed our desires for our ceremony to emerge.
When you pronounced us husband and wife, a gust of wind blew petals through the trees and onto us in the center, as if nature was on our very side.  A passerby asked you shortly before the ceremony whether ours was a “real” wedding or a movie shoot.  Thanks to your brilliant participation and our unusual, powerful love, we like to think it was a little of both.
Lauren and David